World Wide Hotspots

Getting WiFi Access Around The Globe

This page will assist you in finding wifi hotspots around the world. As a digital nomad, you’ll need access to the internet regularly and you won’t always be in a fancy hotel that has free wireless internet. Many times you’ll be lucky to get the wireless signal in your room at a hostel.

List of Cities with Public Wifi Access

Taipei, Taiwan
With over 5,000 hotspots (yes, five thousand), this city is an easy choice for working remotely! You can find these hotspots at various locations including local tourism attractions, transportation nodes, cultural and educational facilities, and government offices. It’s recommended that you alert the company providing this service a month ahead of time so that once you arrive, you can instantly start connecting! You can visit their website, and unless you know the language, you’ll need to install a simple page translator: and if that site doesn’t work for whatever reason, try this one:

Paris, France
As if you need another reason to visit this beautiful city, France now has nearly 300 hotspots all over the city! In line for the Louvre? Hanging around the Champ de Mars? Walking in circles around Paris Place D’ Italie? Pull out your smartphone, tablet, or laptop at any of these and roughly 300 other locations and connect up to your friends and family! To find out how to connect and view all the hotspots, click here.

Hong Kong
No surprise here as it’s considered the technology capital of the world. And of course with a title like that you’re got to expect it to have the most wifi locations at an astounding 12,000 hotspots! Though you unfortunately won’t be able to connect to all of them unless you pay a small fee of $69 HKD. I know what you’re thinking “70 bucks just for internet!! I’m on a shoestring budget here!”, but don’t worry, that translates to just about $9 USD (or €8 Euros).

Seoul, South Korea
Another technological driven city, which follows closely behind Hong Kong with a whopping 10,000 hotspots! Not only will you never be bored in this city, but you’ll never get lost and always have a way to send awesome pictures to your friends and family!

Tel Aviv, Israel
In 2013 this city decided to kick up their tourist pull by launching 80 hotspots around the city. Name of the hotspot to look for is “free_tlv”.

Macau, China
Though, only a stone’s throw away from Hong Kong, Macau has nowhere near as many hotspots. It’s 150 hotspots offered by WiFiGo will still be useful if you choose to explore this city of casinos.

Barcelona, Spain
Offering roughly 700 hotspots, this city is becoming more of a tourist attraction every day. I want to go here just for the hoverboard park alone!

New York City, USA
It may not be much of a surprise to see New York on this list, but what is surprising is that New York didn’t decide to implement a blanket WiFi until the end of 2014. While it’s unsure how many have been rolled out so far, the plan is set to have 10,000 hotspots total. This doesn’t include all the resturants, hotels, and Starbucks that already offer WiFi. There’s really no reason not to have internet access in this city! A link to the cities WiFi maps can be found right here!

Florence, Italy
This is a city I’m personally very happy to see on this list, this has become a bucketlist destination for me! Though unfortunately, if you’re like me and plan on traveling on a shoestring budget, you’ll be disappointed to learn that there’s a cost and it’s rather steep. €72 Euros ($80 USD) gets you 72 hours of internet access on the FirenzeCard and there’s only about 130 hotspots. So my recommendation is to checkout some of the WiFi listing websites I have listed below to find coffee shops and cyber cafes to get your internet access fix and only get the FirenzeCard if you really need it. You can view the hotspot layout here.

Perth, Australia
While you may not have heard of Perth because unlike Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra, it’s actually located on the west coast of Australia, it’s certainly not to be missed and sports a healthy wifi blanket over it’s popular business and shopping district. Though it unfortunately doesn’t stretch too far beyond that. Check out the hotspot layout here.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
While there isn’t a “city-wide” WiFi network, I never found a restaurant or coffee shop that didn’t have a wireless connection. Just simply bring up the wireless networks on your phone of laptop and hand it over to your waiter/waitress for a moment, they already know that you want access!


Various WiFi Listing Websites

WiFi Cafe Spots
This is one of the best hotspot locator websites I’ve found. Offering wifi listings for 140 countries and supplying interactive Google maps for most as well!

WiFi Free Spot
Another wifi locator website.

Cyber Cafes
International list of cybercafes, can be a pretty helpful site.

Open WiFi Spots
Though this site mainly caters to a USA list, it also offers wifi locations for Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Sweden, and Singapore.