What Is Vint? (A Review)

Imagine if your local Starbucks also doubled as a bar. Cool thought, huh? Well, if you ever spend a night in Louisville, I have that exact place for you!


Vint is a coffee, tea, ale, and wine café. Though it may not be the first of its kind, it certainly does it better than any other place of its kind that I’ve seen. Born from the word “vintage”, Vint likes to let their customers learn about the beverage they’re consuming. It’s meant to be community oriented and I must admit it also has a pretty cozy feel to it. While I was passing through Louisville I had a place in mind already that I was considering a visit to, however, they were closed. Vint had caught my attention along with a restaurant, the name of which I can’t remember, but the restaurant had lost its appeal as I get closer, Vint however got more inviting as I walked towards it.

Vint interior

Inside, the one half is the wine and ale side and the other for tea and coffee, though there’s no clear separation between them, it’s obvious to see the differences. Since it was around mid-day, the coffee and tea side was much more active. I ended up getting an apple cinnamon pastry drizzled with some icing and a cappuccino, both of which were excellent. The pastry was rather filling and was just sweet enough without going overboard. I finished my beverage rather quickly (I should’ve gotten a large since I had the thing half empty before I even finished the food.

Vint coffee

Afterwards I drove past a Jim Beam plant not too far away, specifically the Booker Noe Plant. And yes, it really does smell like whiskey if you drive by with your windows down… I then continued on to my next destination, Nashville.

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