How To Do Macau In 8 Hours What Makes Hong Kong So Different? A Visit To The Famous City Of Bangkok What Is Worth Seeing In Cambodia? What's To See In The Batu Caves Of Malaysia?

How To Do Macau In 8 Hours

Even though Macau doesn’t have the gambling fame of Las Vegas or anywhere near the pachinko gambling income of Japan, it has gained the nickname “Vegas of the east” due to the high amount of casinos here in this very small country.

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What Makes Hong Kong So Different?

Hong Kong is a city that everyone has heard of. It is considered a global city and is a major hub for business, and while it is “owned” (in a sense) by China, it has its own legal system, currency, and flag among other things. But what is it about the city that draws so much attention for travelers and city lovers alike?

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A Visit To The Famous City Of Bangkok

My time in Bangkok wasn’t too active due to the rainy season in SE Asia, so this gave me time to catch up on research. However, there are some things I learned about Thailand and a few activities I did that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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What Is Worth Seeing In Cambodia?

When researching what Cambodia is like I found rather often that people either warned against a visit due to the crime here or raved about Angkor Wat. So, what is Cambodia like and is Angkor Wat really worth traveling here to see?

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What's To See In The Batu Caves Of Malaysia?

Malaysia is a very diverse country and I previously did a post about my journey through the western part of the country, which mainly focused around my time in Kuala Lumpur. However, there are also many amazing natural wonders in Malaysia which includes the Batu Caves.

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Welcome to Traveling Ken, a blog about my travels featuring my encounters with local food, random findings, adventurous tales, and photo essays of some amazing locations. I also plan to help supply you with resources and guides that aid you in planning the bare minimums for a trip. In my personal experience, I find it’s best to plan very little and let your intuition guide you instead once you’re there. Pick a location and then just go! Trust me, there’s much more to do whatever your location might be, than you probably think!

My name is Ken and I knew I wanted to travel since I was about 7. I started this blog without much direction and after taking several trips I realized that I had developed my own way of traveling. Bare minimum planning! The more I plan, the less enjoyable it was, my imagination would blow something out of proportion and upon arrival, the sight was more realistic and not as fantastic as my preconception had predicted. When I planned very little, there were a lot more surprises in store and more hidden gems! Step-by-step is no fun; you already know whats coming… When you pick the destination and maybe a must-see sight here and there with very little else, you never what you’ll find! But, we all feel a little safer with some security, so that’s why I developed my own “bare minimum” approach to traveling and love it!

So far I’ve explored a good chunk of the USA, some of Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia!