Who am I really?

Thank you for visiting TravelingKen. My name is Ken and was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m a former IT Technician who has been traveling and exploring for over 2 years now.

I started exploring and writing about my destinations while still working a full-time job in the IT field. I would take use of my free time on business trips to learn about the city I was in and as a result, started this website. As it grew, so did my urge to see the rest of the world, and in early 2016 I quit my job and took a one-way flight to Tokyo, Japan.

Whether I’ll return to the 9-5 grind is still unknown, but I plan to keep this site running regardless as I never plan to stop traveling, even if it doesn’t happen as frequently as I might prefer. During my travels I’ve also overcome a lot of fears; such as my extreme fear of flying. Through my site, I hope to help inspire people to do the same; to overcome their fears and attempt their dreams!

My plans for TravelingKen.com

I want to showcase my travels with all you out there on the internet. I want to inspire you to chase your dreams as well! I want to focus on a few specific aspects of travel, which is food (who doesn’t love food?), coffee, amazing sights, and traveling without any real solid plans. I also want to provide you, the reader, with tips on traveling cheap and resources to assist you in your own travels, so if I learn about a good money saver or helpful resource, you can be sure I’ll share it! One of my biggest reasons to travel aside from experiencing different cultures is architecture. Whether it be a cathedral that’s thousands of years old, or the most modern cloud reaching skyscraper, I want to embrace it and share it.

Want to keep up more closely?

I plan on posting at least 2 entries a month, though this could vary greatly on schedule and location, however, if you want more entertainment you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Trover, and Instagram.