Need Some Travel Resources?

Most people plan out as much as possible and prepare for the worst. Wake up at 8:00, out the hotel door by 9:00, make it to Wally World by 11, try to catch the Humpback Whale sighting at 3, and so on. But you’re not like that, you want a lightweight backpack and a safe bed to sleep on, and a lot of adventure. However, there are some things you should prepare for, like visas and immunizations, because while many surprises are fun, getting surprised by Malaria is NOT!

Check out the resources below and let this page assist you in being prepared.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is currently a work-in-progress and I am constantly expanding it on an almost daily basis. Please be patient, if the service you’re looking for isn’t here (or you know of a source that should be here) please contact me and let me know.

Legal Issues

Visa Hunter
This is a handy website that supplies a good amount of information and resources when it comes to the visa process. Some countries have a very long process, so start early!

U.S. Department of State
For all you fellow U.S. citizens, this is a site you need to visit if you don’t already have a passport. It’ll also if you need a visa and what kind.

Embassy Worldwide
If you get stuck in a bad situation (you lose your passport, war breaks out, etc.) you need to know where your embassy is located! It also lists most embassy phone numbers, add them into your phone!

Being one of my favorite countries I’ve been to yet, I decided to add a visa resource for those specifically looking to go to Vietnam. Depending on what country you’re from, you may need to get a visa approval before landing in Vietnam (US included).

Immunizations and Health

Travel Vaccines & World Diseases Guide
This is an essential resource for anyone, especially young adults, who are heading abroad. From the most common diseases around the world to the importance of knowing (and getting) the right kind of innoculations before traveling, this resource offers plenty of useful information on travel vaccines and a must-read for every traveler.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
One of the first things you want to do and one of the last things you want to have happen is your health. Start preparing early, as some vaccines require several shots over several months. Check out the CDC for where you’re going and see what’s to watch out for. Also, talk to your doctor!

Masta Travel Health
Live in the UK? Checkout Masta and find a clinic, the vaccines, and the prices for what you need!

Travel Health Online
Another site that can be used to find local providers. Currently lists services in 35 countries.

Travel Clinics of America
For US citizens, you can find a list of travel doctors available with this site.



Sky Scanner
This is great site if you’re looking for a deal.

This has become a very popular site the past few years offering instant comparisons on many sites, not just for flights, but hotels and car rentals as well.


The Bus Station
A global listing site for bus stations.

Rental Car

Currently available in Austria, Canada, France, Spain, Turkey, UK and the USA, ZipCar will lend you a car along with a limited number of miles (180 a day I believe) which you can drive around where you’re staying. This is great if you’re traveling overseas and get the urge to drive around and see what all a city has to offer before venturing to certain locatoins on foot. I like to do this myself, drive around a city on arrival, see what looks interesting, then walk the rest of the time to really experience the city while heading to those destinations, and avoiding any parking fees!

Similar to ZipCar, this company only operates within the USA at the moment. The vehicles you drive with RelayRides are other peoples vehicles which they lend out.


Hostels are my first mention in this section because they’re generally cheaper than hotels and you can get a lot of interaction with other travelers like yourself.

A great site that provides price comparisons to several other popular hostel booking sites, a good choice to weigh your options and book a good deal!

Hostel Bookers
This site usually offers the same amount of places as but can sometimes be cheaper.

Another option that offers a lot of options, this can be a cheaper site depending on where you’re traveling.


The obvious choice for most people when traveling. They can be very nice, luxurious, quiet, and private. Though not necessarily cheap, sometimes you just need the privacy.
I ‘ve been using this site for all my hotel stays due to their Rewards program which let’s you have a free night after 10 bookings. The catch is that the hotel must be your average rate spent. Therefore, if you stay 10 nights at a Days Inn, don’t expect to be able to get a free night at a Ritz-Carlton.

This has become a very popular site the past few years offering instant comparisons on many sites, not just for hotels, but flights and car rentals as well.

A rather new way of travel lodging, people offer up a rental house, an apartment, or a room in their own personal home, or maybe their couch, or just a spot on the floor. Either way, this is probably the cheapest option you can find.

Why do I have a section just for one site? There’s a few other copycat sites out there, but this is the original and the only one I personally would trust at this time.

This is what I use most often. It offers some interation with the person offering you a place, while still usually giving you a good amount of privacy. And the prices aren’t that bad either! Use the link here for $35 off your first stay!

House Sitting
People go on vacation, or business trips, or adventures of their own and need someone to look after their dog. What do they do? Well, aside from either taking the pooch with them or putting the poor little guy into a “dog hotel” they’ll hire someone to stay out the house, look after the dog along with their property.

Mind My House
One of the more popular sites for housesitting. Registration fee is $20 which is probably the lowest among the popular sites.

House Careers
Another reputable housesitting site and offers a slightly higher registration fee at $50.


Cellular Services

Currently considered the best cell provider for the world traveler.

Mobile Hotspots
What’s a mobile hotspot? It’s a device usually about the size of your hand that connects you to the internet wireless and directly. With something like this, you don’t need a cellphone plan or worry about finding a coffee shop or hotel/hostel with a public WiFi.

AT&T Unite Pro
According to the website, this unit can supply internet service in over 200 countries!


Transportation Security Administration
Before you begin to pack your bags full of items on your ultimate luggage list, you’ll want to make sure you can even get it past airport security.


XE – Currency Converter
Along with sending money across the oceans, XE offers the most accurate and up-to-date currency conversion data. Use the converter to find out exactly how much your native currency will be worth in other countries. They also offer a smart phone application which can come in handy when you’re in a hurry!

NerdWallter – How to Exchange Currency Without Paying Huge Fees
This page has some pretty good advice for currency exchange while helping you avoid paying unnecessary fees.

MoneyHelp – The Best Way to Exchange Foreign Currency
This site is actually a religious site normally, but this page offers some more good advice about exchanging currency.

While this website features many different aspects of traveling, I think the job listings on this site is one of it’s best features. It also has a community and housing resources.