Travel Safety

Stay Safe and Travel Smart

Some safety tips are a give in, but there might be others that you miss. Here’s a list of travel tips that can help even the experience traveler when it comes to keeping your valuables and yourself safe!

Airline Blacklist
Europe is known for having the best air safety record in the world. So when it comes to finding the strictest airline guidelines for a blacklist, we’re going to turn to the European commission.

Luggage Safety
When it comes to luggage safety, you might think of keeping your luggage between your legs while standing in line or at a counter, or making sure it’s properly packed so your valuables don’t get broken. Unfortunately luggage theft has gone passed just simple airport pickpockets. Many airports have had their own employees get arrested for opening up customer luggage and stealing items. There are also concerns with keeping your luggage in your hotel room, which is believed to be safe, but it’s shockingly easy to ask the cleaning staff to let you into “your room” because you forgot your key without any hassle or questions, meaning that someone else can do this to get into your room. This is against hotel policies, but this happens more often than you think. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get some security for your luggage, like locks and combination straps. Checkout the sites below for a better idea of what I mean:

Luggage Pros
Eagle Creek

Hotel/Hostel Safety
In addition to locking up your luggage even while it’s in a hotel room or hostel, there’s still some safety tips for yourself!

  • Bring your own padlock (most hostels have lockers and some supply locks, but it’s always good to have your own)
  • Get a good laptop lock (if you like to set up shop on your hostel dorm bed, that’s fine, but that 5 minute bathroom break could cost you your laptop)
  • Don’t show off your valuables (your laptop and cellphone may be hard to hide, but don’t wear your $1200 camera around your neck)
  • Don’t carry too much cash (if possible, don’t carry any additional cash with you that you can’t afford to lose)