10 Travel Inspiring Movies!

So, everyone’s movie preference is different, some people want to see violence and gore, others want to see romance and drama. This list is for travel inspiring movies that just simply inspire the adventurous part inside you; well, at least they do for me. As always, when it comes to entertainment, this list is personal opinion. There are some movies out there that might be better and I just haven’t seen them yet. On my to-watch-list is The Darjeeling Limited, Eat Pray Love, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


Road Trip

While this movie doesn’t really showcase amazing sights or anything (in retrospect, they could’ve driven all of 10 miles and you wouldn’t be able to tell), but the film does introduce some aspects of traveling with friends and enjoying the ride. Yes, it’s a college comedy and it does have some relatively juvenile scenes, but I still love this movie.



While there are some similarities between this film and Road Trip, I believe EuroTrip is much better. We actually get to visit different locations and the characters go through much more cultural experiences, whether or not they’re accurate, it still intrigues you to go to these places and find your own adventures!


Mr. Beans Holiday

This is a great film to watch if you want a laugh and some inspiration to travel through Europe. While the character doesn’t go too far, he still goes to a place that’s foreign to him and, while he initially starts on his own, he ends up making friends along the way.


A Good Year

This is a movie I see mentioned pretty often among other travel blogs. I originally saw it when it first came out, and while I didn’t care about the romance aspect (in fact, I completely forget the plot) it really made me want to take a break from my current job and travel to France.


A Map For Saturday

This is a documentary that follows a real guy who quit his job at a television station, filmed his co-workers reactions, and then proceeds to film himself taking a trip around the world. If this one doesn’t inspire you to travel, I’m not sure what film will. When I started my blog and decided I would quit my job and travel, this was the first movie I watched to get an idea of what to expect.


The Beach

I saw this one at a young age. A little mysterious, a little fun, and slightly crazy, this movie shows a beaufitul island during some bright and amazing, and also dark moments.


Lost In Translation

I recently watched this and not sure why I hadn’t sooner. We follow a man who has been hired to promote a beverage in Japan. While we don’t see much of that, what we do see is his experience as a foreigner who happens to find a fellow American who isn’t enjoying her time to much. While the movie is a little sad at some points, it really does raise a craving to see Japan yourself.


Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13

While 11 and 13 take place in Vegas (where I’m heading to on June 15th) Ocean’s 12 takes the crime crew overseas to Europe. While 12 is my least favorite, it does encourage traveling in my opinion along with both 11 and 13.




The Grand Budapest Hotel

Just recently caught this film. While many scenes are obviously green screened in, it’s still a very adventerous and fun film to watch! It makes me want to seek out that one person who will have a hell of a story to tell about his life and one that’ll change my own.


That’s the end of my list travel inspiring movies. I might be adding more later as I plan to watch more shortly. Have any suggestions or recommendations? Let me know in the comments section below!

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